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    applied algorithms, documented data
There is nothing of which barbarians are so ignorant as military engines and the skillful management of sieges, while that is a branch of military science which we especially understand.
 -- Tacitus, Annals 12.45

About the company

Founded in 2009, Dropnil Lda. is a limited liability company ("sociedade por quotas" under Portuguese law), registered with number 508.799.562 with C.R.C. Lisboa.

About the people

António Brandão Leal (profile), partner and chief dogsbody, brings in over 20 years of academic and industrial experience in electronics and technical data processing.

About the name and logo

A word play on the mythical Draupnir ring, which in nine days would produce another eight identical gold rings. Thus the logo with a gold ring in a drop of sea-green water.

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